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YPJ Collections are jewelry collections and individual projects designed by 3rd Generation Jeweler and Founder of Your Personal Jeweler (YPJ), Trish Carruth. Her work is heavily influenced by her love of story telling. Her custom engagement ring and wedding band designs are know for their emphasis on adding sentimental details unique to the wearer. In addition to her commissioned projects she current has four collections Deco, Sacred Love, Le Saphir and Legacy. Deco draws inspiration from the Art Deco period while adding a modern twist. Sacred Love is influenced from the mesmerizing and meaningful shapes and patterns of sacred geometry. Le Saphir consists of one of one teal sapphire engagement rings while Legacy consists of custom family crest with interchangeable components.


Artist Statement

As a little girl I would look at pawned pieces of fine jewelry and give them stories. The stories were mostly about the people who had owned the jewelry previously but as I got older I was equally fascinated by the designers as well and what inspired them to create. My journey as a designer started when I was working a small mom and pop jewelry store that specialized in custom design. I was able to work side by side with their bench jeweler to design fine jewelry for the store's customers. Once he retired I was left handling the design stage by myself and that's were my passion for design really took over. Over the years my art has grown into a collection of objects with stories to tell. My custom engagement rings and wedding bands morph into the style of the wearer but each also have a special piece of me imbued in the design. No matter if I'm working on custom commission or my fine jewelry collections everything is inspired by the idea of personalization and customization. They are everyday keepsakes that connect with you.

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